Prairie POS Connection Inc. is an Elavon Payments Partner

& Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of the U.S. Bank National Association & Elavon

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An Elavon Payments Partner


We have made it our mission to understand the debit and credit processing industry, and are dedicated to educating our merchants to ensure you are making an informed decision. 

With more than a decade in the payments industry we've seen it all;  dishonest sales tactics, confusing and misleading contracts, poor or non-existent service.   ​​We take a more consultative approach than most merchant service providers, we don't use hard sell tactics to get your business, NOR do we use threat and intimidation tactics to keep it.   Our customers choose to keep their services with us, not because they are forced to, but because we earned their trust and confidence. 

Some of the most common things we are asked about are:

Canadian Code of Conduct


Interchange & Assesment

PCI Compliance



Integrity Pricing

​Rate Transparency

Annual Rate Review

Personalized Service

Consultation & Education

Monthly Statement Monitoring

​Extensive Industry Knowledge