Prairie POS Connection Inc. is an Elavon Payments Partner

& Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of the U.S. Bank National Association & Elavon

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An Elavon Payments Partner


Prairie POS is  an authorized Elavon Payments Partner, providing debit & credit card processing services to small and medium size businesses in the Prairie Provinces. We are one of the few Merchant Service Providers that is solely Alberta owned and operated, and have continually received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We are committed to a standard of excellence, which includes offering our merchants integrity pricing, and complete transparency on how your rates are calculated.  Lowering your overall cost of service is our primary goal.  We have made it our mission to understand the payments industry inside-out, and we put that knowledge to work for you.  We take the time to consult, educate, and guide you thru the land mine that is interchange, assessment, and surcharge.   We conduct a transaction by transaction audit of your existing processing statements, and provide you with an accurate cost analysis.  By breaking your statements out in such detail we can pin point hidden costs, identify your true cost of service, and build the best solution for your business.  


Our smaller client base allows us to provide personalized service, including dedicated account specialist, monthly statement monitoring and yearly account review.  PLUS, our relationship does not end once we ‘sign you up’.  We are invested in your success and believe in building a strong, long term partnership.  We work hard to gain your trust & confidence, and we work hard to keep it. 

We are proud to be Albertans, and are committed to supporting our clients, our community & our province. 

Allow us the opportunity to share the Prairie POS difference with you.

Denise O'Connor
Owner / Operator  
T:  403-668-8567

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